Logsearch Top Operators

To respond to the (what seems like) near constant barrage of requests for Top Operators…

I’m having major issues persuading the WordPress installation on this site to run a scheduled task to update the Top Operators data… this means it is not yet active. Unfortunately, the problem is not encountered on my test server…

The Top Operators page will be active and populated as soon as I can work out the problem, but in the interim, please do not keep asking!

PS: Park-To-Park confirmations are in the same position

What means 44 ?


An often heard question ! WWFF’ers always end a QSO with “44” ….

The first four (4) stands for the four wind directions : North, East, South and West

The second four (4) stands for the four elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

From now on you will never loose that bet again !

LogSearch migration update

Hi all

The time you read this about all coordinators, logmanagers and award managers should have the priveleges to upload logs and manage awards. For directory updates we still refer to the OLD LogSearch web.

We’re still encountering login problems with many users. If you can’t login please drop a mail to dannyATon4vt.be

Here is a tutorial how to make your correct login and profile (courtesy VK5PAS): http://www.wwffaustralia.com/how-to-register-for-logsearch.html

It is very important to complete your profile with your primary call and eventually secundary callsigns !!

The next priority is activating the AWARD apply buttons again so hunters can apply again for awards. Once that is finalized the TOPLISTS will be migrated.

Thanks for your patience (pity for some who don’t have it) and for all issues drop a mail to dannyATon4vt.be

Keep in mind we are all volunteers and WWFF is a hobby !

Logsearch migration issues

We are aware of some issues with some emails that are spammed.

wwff_helpdeskFirst of all be sure to register (in the left bar menu). When done and if you don’t receive an email with your password within 15 minutes, please mail the WWFF Helpdesk at dannyATon4vt.be. A new password will be generated.

When registered and login is OK please go to your profile and fill in your PRIMARY CALLSIGN, CONTINENT and DXCC

In the next days all functions will be enabled step by step.

Yes even in 2016 it’s still a big job to migrate almost 8 million QSO’s and more than 12.000 activated references !