GreenParty 2016 siglaFebruary, still wintertime. June and summer seems to be far away but time passes quickly.
It is time to think about the GreenParty 2016.
The goal is that the GreenParty becomes a traditional meeting, all  WWFF Country Divisions are invited to add this event to the calendar year.

For the rules check  GREENPARTY 2016. New is that now you can make QSOs valid for the new P2P certificate (park to park).
But the WWFF award program contains of course numerous other diplomas.
It is also the goal to be in the middle of nature in one of the longest days in the northern hemisphere. You can start in daylight very early and making a long day until sunset. Those wishing to stay overnight can do it depending by local various accommodation possibilities and can activate also on Sunday.
We are ready to receive any proposal to contribute.
We’re recommending to use the new GreenParty logos for all activities  on June 4, 2016.
Good luck
YOFF team

The Official WWFF AGENDA


A new tool is added to this website : the Official WWFF AGENDA

AgendaAs WWFF info is too much spread out all over the web we like to create an easy accessible info point where you can find the most important information : upcoming WWFF activations and WWFF related events.

At the bottom of the page you find a “Fill in Form” to add your upcoming activation(s). Allow some time before the info appears in the AGENDA as all is checked before being published. No registration is needed, just drop your info and SUBMIT !

Keep posting your WWFF info everywhere you think it might be a point of interest, but ALWAYS post it in the AGENDA too ! Thanks 73 44  !

FLE WWFF logging for Activators



Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a text editor to enter QSO data as easy and fast as possible without redundancy. FLE consists of two main panels – a text editor with customizable context-sensitive highlighting and a QSO data grid. The grid shows the completed QSO records, they can be saved as ADIF file (ADIF = Amateur Data Interchange Format).

From version FLE 2.4 on WWFF logging option for Activators is added. It logs all necessary data needed for WWFF LogSearch uploading (but also nothing more). Also the Park to Park data is added. Super fast logging guaranteed !


The exported ADIF file is custom ready to upload to LogSearch.

FLE runs on every computer under all Windows versions.

Download your version here : FLE WWFF-logger

Be sure to read the DOCUMENTATION FILE (and the WWFF section) before starting !

FLE is freeware made by DF3CB Bernd. He’s also the author of the excellent BV Label software for printing your QSL labels !

Welcome to JAFF !


JAFF_logo_smallWWFF is proud to announce the birth of a new National Program : JA1JCF, Nobi, is from now on the National Coordinator for JAFF Japan.

We like to wish Nobi a lot of success in his new job and the WWFF community is looking forward to many JAFF activations in the future. A national JAFF award program will be launched shortly.

A brandnew JAFF website is already up and running : JAFF web

WORLD RADIO AMATEUR DAY 2016 certificate


2016 world amateur radio day H

Working during 48 hours (UTC) from 00:00utc 17th to 23:59utc 18th of April 2016 7 different stations in protected areas with reference in WWFF directory and from at least 3 different countries(entities) DXCC countries or states/territory from VK areas.

Apply via Logsearch



In same period you nee2016 world amateur radio day Ad to make 300 QSOs.

OSOs need to be in Logsearch

Deadline : 15th of May 2016 00:00UTC

Apply via Logsearch


Hope you will make a “great day” from World Radio Amateur Day 2016. See you in bands from any protected area!






VKFF Murray River Parks Award


A new award is added to the VKFF National Program : Murray River Parks Award.8517581_origThere are three stages to this award.
To qualify for the basic award you need to have either activated or worked a total of 10 of the following 31 VKFF Parks which are located either along the Murray River or in very close proximity. The second level will be issued after activating or worked 20 of the qualifying parks.​The third level will be issued after activating or worked all 30 parks.

To apply for this award, go to WWFF LogSearch and check if you have enough confirmed references. Applying only via this way.

A list of all valid Murray River Parks can be found at WWFF Australia


Park To Park… On to a New level

First P2P-88 Award

First P2P-88 Award issued

Following its launch earlier this year, the Park-To-Park award has proven quite successful.

Already 33 activators have earned the entry-level award (10 P2Ps confirmed) while a number have already achieved the award for 44 confirmed P2P contacts.

As such, WWFF is pleased to announce that the next level, for 88 confirmed P2P contacts, is now available through Logsearch.


New KFF coordinator




WWFF is proud to present the new National Coordinator for the USA KFF : W3AAX, Jason


Jason is a dedicated SOTA and NPOTA activator and chaser. WWFF is pretty sure he will do his very best to promote and expand WWFF in the USA.

Jason is also the coordinator for KL, KH6 and the overseas USA DXCC (KHx and KPx)

Good luck Jason !

Calling all WWFF Residents

As a program, we are fortunate that a number of our Hunters are WWFF Residents, living (at least part of the year) within a designated protected territory.

Many of these residents “give away” their reference when working activators… unfortunately, many of them do not then submit their logs!

Now that the Park-To-Park Award is live, it is more relevant than ever (especially for the other activator!) that you submit your logs for uploading to Logsearch, so that the P2P QSO can be confirmed.

If you need any assistance in this, please post to the WWFF Forum and we will be pleased to help.