OHFF-0229 Sorsasalo Nature Reserve Area

I made some modifications to kids snowsled. I needed some help to transport 12V battery and supplies to woods. We, my wife and I, like to move with snowshoes so ”2 flies with one hit”. We walk to Sorsasalo Nature Reserve area, OHFF-0229, with snowshoes. After one kilometer walk in forest wife’s snowshoe broken. It took some time to fix it. I was on the air later as I planned but no problem. Propagation was nice and I got 54 phone QSOs on 20m to Europe with 30W . FT-897 handle mild frost nice. There was only -7C. This was the second activation as I used 20m/40m link dipole. Antenna was inv-v position and top was about 9,5m high. What is positive in winter activations? Not so much mosquitos … 73 44 Timo OF7JHA/p

OZFF Cup 2017

OZFF Group would like to invite all Hunters and OZFF Activators to OZFF Cup 2017.

The OZFF Cup is a simple competition starting January 1st and ending December 31th.
Back in 2012, we got the idea of a little game to motivate Hunters and OZFF Activators. Hunters get 1 point for a QSO one time band/mode. The Activators get 1 point per QSO. If more than one Activator is on the air from the same area, Hunters also get point for QSOs with the other Activator. This motivates Hunters to have more than one QSO with the same area. If the Activator starts up a new Activation, from the same area but on a new calender date, both Activator and Hunters will have points again.

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Yesterday afternoon/evening (Friday 20th January 20167) I activated the Warren Conservation Park VKFF-0941, about 60 km north east of Adelaide.  I made a total of 60 contacts on 20, 40, & 80m. This included 4 Park to Park contacts.
More information and photos can be found on my WordPress site at https://vk5pas.org
Thanks to everyone who called, and thanks to those who took the time to spot me.
73 and ’44’, Paul, VK5PAS

2016 VKFF Photographic competition


Hi all,

 A total of 39 entries were received for the 2016 VKFF Annual Photographic competition, from VK1, VK3, & VK5.

The winner was judged by their peers via a Poll on the WWFF Australia Yahoo group.

The winner was Tony VK3XV/VK3VTH, with a photograph of an Australian icon, a Kookaburra at the Mount Buangor State Park. Tony will be awarded a $50.00 gift voucher, kindly supplied by Jaycar, and a winners certificate.

Sharing second place was Peter VK3ZPF with a photograph of a butterfly at the French Island National Park, and Marcus VK3TST/5 with a photograph of his antenna tie point at the Sandy Creek Conservation Park. They will each receive a certificate.

Sharing third place was Chris VK3PAT with a photograph of Millers Hut in the Avon Wilderness Area, and Andrew VK1AD with two photographs taken in the Kosciuszko National Park. They will each receive a certificate.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all those who entered.

More information can be found at …. http://www.wwffaustralia.com/2016.html

73 and ’44’,

Paul VK5PAS VKFF co-ordinator


Nominations and elections nominees

WWFF is looking for 6 six electable continental respresenatives for NA, SA, OC, EU, AF and AS. Any Ham living in a dedicated continent, who want to join  WWFF is requested to apply through the contact gateway, addressed to Luk ON4BB.

Next as prevised in the WWFF constitution, the place as Chairman is vacant and need to be revoted each year. Any apply for this vacancy  should be addressed to Luk, ON4BB.

We close the recording of any for both continental representative and chairman at 31th January at midnight CET. Next the first week of Februari, the WWFF committee shall vote online among the received nominees.  Voting instructions to follow.

Please find the WWFF constitution through this link WWFF Constitution

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