GreenParty 2016 sigla

Green Party 2016

February, still wintertime. June and summer seems to be far away but time passes quickly.
It is time to think about the GreenParty 2016.
The goal is that the GreenParty becomes a traditional meeting, all  WWFF Country Divisionsare invited to add this event to the calendar year.
For the rules check New is that now you can make QSOs valid for the new P2P certificate (park to park).
But the WWFF award program contains of course numerous other diplomas.
It is also the goal to be in the middle of nature in one of the longest days in the northern hemisphere. You can start in daylight very early and making a long day until sunset. Those wishing to stay overnight can do it depending by local various accommodation possibilities and can activate also on Sunday.
We are ready to receive any proposal to contribute.
We’re recommending to use the new GreenParty logos for all activities  on June 4, 2016.
Good luck
YOFF team

First Park-to-Park award issued to M0YMA



Another milestone in the WWFF award program : the first Park to Park award is issued to M0YMA Andrew Banks. Congratulations !


This award is available via Logsearch for WWFF Activators working with other Activators Park to Park. Base award is 10 REFs worked, next levels are 44 and 88.

More info and the rules to get this award, see GLOBAL AWARDS page

For Hunters it is important to show some respect on the band when two Activators want to have a QSO Park to Park !

6.000.000 QSO’s in Logsearch!


New milestone was reached.
In just less of one year we have an other million QSOs in our data base!
01.05.2015 – 03.01.2016
It is time to say again: Thank you ! to all our participants in WWFF activities. Activators, Hunters, National coordinators, also for you who read this info!  Each of you put a small piece in this “building”.
As I saw in bands it is just a life style now for many of us. Watching, prepare for departure to protected areas, hunting for activators, request awards for your results.

It happens every day.

It is my honor to show this “Certificat” for QSO  No.6,000,000 to:
M0PAI/P@GFF-301 with HA8DD  20m/SSB  2016-01-03 10:46 UTC

Work to collect historic logs continues parallel to the “normal operation” where validated logs of current operations are uploaded to the WWFF database by the local coordinators.

If you think a log is still missing or you possess an activity log, please contact your local coordinator (list can be found here).
73 Pit YO3JW 

Logsearch Top Operators

Following lengthy discussions, the following changes have been made to the Logsearch Top Operators Table, for 2016:

Club & Teams

To separately recognise the efforts of Club/Team activity, as well as individual activators, a new section has been added to the Top Operators table.

Note: the club/team operators will also continue to gain credit (and be listed in the individual activator section) if their callsign is specified in the operator field in the logfile.

Activator QSO Quorum

Despite the Rules mandating 44 QSOs before an activation is considered valid for an Activator valid, this has previously not been implemented for the Top Operators table.

This has led to the unfortunate situation that a number of the top activator slots being filled by activators who have failed to meet the quorum.

To address this:

  • the 44 QSO quorum for activators is now enforced for individual activators
  • for club/team stations, the quorum has been increased to 200 QSOs.

Activators will be listed in order of the number of references that quorum has been achieved.

TOP 44 2015 and rules for 2016



Hi All
Today was sent out the certificates for “TOP 44” 2015
I want to congratulate all our activators for their hard work.
The TOP 2015 was made by results in 2015 as it was in morning of 01.01.2016.

Starting from 2016 you need to have at least 44 QSO made during
the year from each reference to be include in TOP 44.for operators and for teams need at least 200 QSO.
Dead time to upload your logs for TOP 44 2016 is 31.12.2016
73 Pit YO3JW