Logsearch Update – April 2017 #2

An second Logsearch update of the month has just been released, featuring a number of new awards:

  • The relaunch of the GxFF awards
  • The addition of the 2017 YUFF awards
  • The launch of a new annual PAFF award for Activators

GxFF Awards

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Adrian M0PAI as the new GxFF Awards Manager.

Unfortunately, the artwork of the previous awards was not handed over by the departing award manager; as such, Adrian has designed a new set of awards.

We have decided to award them in steps of 11, meaning anyone who has one of the ‘old’ awards can claim the new ones… they will be released progressively.

PAFF Annual Award

As an experiment, to (try to) encourage activators to re-activate references, Lars PH0NO has created an award for PAFF activations in 2017.  This will be awarded for 4, 11 and 22 references activated.

‘Apply For Awards’

This update also automates the verifying of profiles, to enable the ‘Apply for Awards’ capability… previously, this had to be assigned manually.

To gain ‘Apply for Awards’, your profile must include your first name, and a primary callsign – note, while your username is usually your primary callsign, this is not necessarily the case, and teh callsign MUST be populated by you the user!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.


Dear WWFF’ers

We’re still facing major problems with HOTMAIL email addresses. HOTMAIL clearly doesn’t like our WordPress platform. The result is that all email we send to Hotmail addresses is SPAMMED.

If you didn’t receive your password to login, please contact WWFF Helpdesk

We are suggesting not to register with a HOTMAIL address. If you did already you better change it into another email address. You can do this in YOUR PROFILE : TUTORIAL

Sorry for the inconveniences !


Logsearch Update – April 2017

Update 2017-04-24: a bug in calculating the Activator QSO count (for the WARD-A award) has been fixed.

An update to Logsearch has just been released, featuring a number of new awards:

  • The launch of the South American Continental Award, CFF:SA
  • The relaunch of the World Amateur Radio Day awards, just in time for WARD 2017
  • The next step in the P2P awards (P2P-A-308)
  • The next step in OMFF awards (OMFF-A-100 and OMFF-H-100)

This update also fixes a number of problems with the confirmation of Park to Park contacts, which has resulted in a further 1,000 P2Ps being confirmed. Unfortunately, nearly 7,000 remain unconfirmed – mostly due to the lack of the corresponding logs 🙁

Finally, this update addresses a number of minor issues:

  • Further layout improvements in the References search results
  • Further layout improvements in the Directory Stats tables
  • A number of minor bugs

Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

WORLD RADIO AMATEUR DAY 2017 certificate



Working during 48 hours (UTC) from 00:00utc 17th to 23:59utc 18th of April 2017    7 different stations in protected areas with reference in WWFF directory and from at least 3 different countries(entities) DXCC countries or states/territory from VK areas.

Apply via Logsearch



In same period you need to make 300 QSOs.

OSOs need to be in Logsearch

Deadline : 15th of May 2017 00:00UTC

Apply via Logsearch > SPECIAL AWARDS

Hope you will make a “great day” from World Radio Amateur Day 2017. See you in bands from any protected area!




On 8 april 2017 we went out for some test witn the HyEndFed antennas.  A test with my mate John, PD0PVR/p, as he wanted to go for his first PAFF activation !

At arround 11:00 utc we met at the Oosterschelde PAFF-0015. And  immediatly starded with some tests. Afterwards we decided to setup  the linked dipola and yes, John started  his first activation !!!  First qso  was arround 12:55 utc on 40m. Continue reading

DLFF-0068 by DL4FO/p STORY



The story of a great QSO between DL4FO/p Chris and VK4FW Bill

Dear Bill,

Thanks for listening to my weak WWFF-signal on 20m today and answering my call.

You really made my day!! I was on a hiking trip and called from a wooden tower on a summit near Frankfurt (not a SOTA reference but within DLFF-0068).

Since it was getting cold and my wife waited with two dogs down at the tower, I only took out the little MFJ-1820T telescopic antenna, which is abt. 1.5 m long (see picture).

Continue reading

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