World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio

The WWFF program wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna. In this spirit amateur radio operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated nature parks and protected nature areas – generating attention for these areas whilst giving the ham radio community an interesting activity to contact. WWFF is an international and non-commercial program run by the National coordinators of a large number of national Flora and Fauna programs.

Organization of the WWFF program

The WWFF program is run by the chairman and vice chairman elected by the national coordinators of the member countries (the WWFF committee).

  • Chairman ON4BB, Luk
  • Vice-Chairman IK1GPG, Max

The following WWFF officials help in the running of the program by taking care of important operational tasks in the WWFF program:

  • WWFF References Manager IK1GPG, Max & I5FLN, Luciano
  • WWFF Operations Approval Manager for countries without National FF:
    • DL4BBH, Friedrich
    • DF6EX, Manfred
    • DL2VFR, Enrico
  • WWFF Public Relations & Web Master ON4VT, Danny
  • WWFF Log Database (LogSearch) Administrator M0YMA, Andrew
  • WWFF Forum Administrator OK1IN, Petr
  • WWFF Award Manager YO3JW, Pit

WWFF Logos

Free to use. Click on the logo description to open the full size version for download.

LOGO SMALL 200×200 Transparent background
LOGO MEDIUM 400×400 Transparent background
LOGO LARGE 1600×1600 Transparent background

LOGO 200×200 Transparent background

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