World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio

The WWFF program wants to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna. In this spirit amateur radio operators set up and operate their radio stations from designated nature parks and protected nature areas – generating attention for these areas whilst giving the ham radio community an interesting activity to contact. WWFF is an international and non-commercial program run by the National coordinators of a large number of national Flora and Fauna programs.

Organization of the WWFF program

The WWFF Committee is comprised of up to 9 elected officials and 6 ex-officio members.

  • Continental Representatives

    • AF representative – Dennis ZS4BS

    • AS representative – Nobi JA1JCF

      Started home brewing and SWLing in my teens. Received amateur radio operator license in 1961 (CW class) and was assigned the current call-sign. I was interested in CW contacts with DX stations.

      Went off the air with only light activities in 1969.

      Lived in the U.S.A. twice: 1969  – 71 (PA) and 1979 – 82 (VA).

      Opened a station again in 1985 recovering the old call-sign, but my activities were limited as my family lived in an apartment house in Tokyo.

      Received the first class amateur operator license in 1988. President of the Nakano ARC, Tokyo, for several years around 1990.
      Went for my first portable operation in February 1989 and have enjoyed outdoor radio activities ever since.

      Enjoyed casual oversea operations four times: YJ0ACF, FK/JA1JCF, V63NB and VK4JCF.

      Went to Sado Island, Niigata, and activated WFF JAFF-053 and ARLHS JPN-1259 in May, 2010. This was my first WFF activation.

      Retired from work in 2011.
      Assumed the role of the JA coordinator for WWFF in 2016 and started the JAFF award.

      I am a real amateur in the field of radio engineering and IT technology. The JAFF home page launched last year was my first home page.

      Member of JARL, Nakano ARC, ARLHS, NACS-J

    • EU representative – Jakob OZ7AEI           

       I´m married to Vibeke and We have two children Marius 10 years and Nikoline 7 years. Living in the westparth of Denmark close to the city of Holstebro, approx 40 km from the North Sea coastline.

      I´m educated Dairyman + Dairytechnologist and have been Team Leader for the last 20 years. At my Site We produce Lurpak Butter, which We are very proud of.
      I got my first Hamradio license back in 1990 in the age of 17. In 1994 got the HF licence. From the beginning, I had no QTH for the big antennas. So I started working Portebel from palce to place. I soon found out the Pile-up was bigger, if I activated a reference for an Award Program. So over the last 20 years, I have activated many references for IOTA, Danish Island Award, Lighthouses etc.
      In Febuary 2011 I activated my first OZFF reference and soon in cooperation with other Hams, We started OZFF Group. From the beginning We were parth WFF and after the collapse,

      We were in the start process of WWFF.
      Through the years of WWFF, I have seen “many many” new Hams getting interested, that’s good. Also a few “slamed the door”. For Me WWFF should be “fun” for everybody and from my point of view – It is !!

    • NA representative 
    • OC representative – Peter VK3ZPF (also WWFF Rules Revision Manager)

    • SA representative – Francisco PY2ALC

  • Ex-Officio

    • Pit YO3JW (Awards Manager)

      Born in 1944 in Timisoara, western part of Romania. In 1949 my parents moved to Bucuresti where I’m living now.
      In 1959, I first came in contact with ham activity. Until the age of 18 years old I was SWL. In may 1962 I got my license as YO3JW.
      First QSO ever made was from YO3JF(Gus) who lived in same house. QRP 5 W and 40m antenna in CW. After that I start to build my transmitter with 3 stages. PA used one 807 tube. Antenna LW 40m. Latter I build a GP for 15m where I made my first DXCC. Now I play with FT-847 and GP antennas, some time I have, when I am in my second location, an old Dentron amplifier with its original tubes!
      I am member of Romanian Radioamateurs Federation and Romanian Radioamateurs Society. Also in some other clubs.
      In so many years of activity I have played from 160m to 70cm bands. Best performance is to have confirmed all active DXCC entities and some WWFF references.
      I was coordinator for 4 activations of YP1W from IOTA EU-183. An island in Black See
      In 2009 I found a group where they activated National Parks. I liked the idea and start involved in this activity and organized YOFF, the Romanian Fauna and Flora. In this period I invented YOFF, WRFF, DXFF awards. Later when WWFF was born, I prepared design for few certificate line. Next was the continental XX-CFF award’s line, EU, AF, SA, NA are in my hands, OC is at VK5PAS, AS is at 4Z4DX. Also have DXFF activator line and ACFF – worked all continents. All most every day I sent out 15-30 awards. More than 16,000 are now in personal collections all around the world. To celebrate World Amateur Radio Day I issue the WARD award. Some other awards you can find searching in www.wff-yo.blogspot.com .
      Pit YO3JW

    • Luciano I5FLN (Directory Manager)

      Born in 1947 get Hamradio license on 1968 with former call I1FLN when employed as Lew Tennant of the Italian Air Force (I.A.F.) as electronic eng., begun my activity on 144MHz with all home made gears. Than experienced HF bands and spent most of my spare time time searching DX. Meanwhile loved always (still now) home built equipment although I’m using commercial gear. Than with Gustavo, I5WT (sk) learned rtty mode using the old mechanical machines found on surplus market. Loved this new mode and immediatly built my first ST6 demodulator, the keyboard and a video converter. Became an enthusiast RTTY’er.

      From Oct. 3rd to 7th. 1991 Martti, OH2BH invited me to partecipate as 1st RTTY operator of ZA1A Dxpedition. During  five (5) days of activity and teaching rtty to the Albanian hams, could log 1328 qsos having lot of fun and an unforgettable time. Below what Martti wrote me in a ticket at the end the trip:

      “To many more DX-adventure, enjoyed your partnership”

      On January 1980 resigned I.A.F. as Captain degree and went to work into an electronic company as Program Mgr of the most important contract for Police Force. From October 2004 retired enjoying family es hamradio but also music, still now I’m singing in a chorus as tenor.

      I dedicate most of my time to DX as you can see below some result es from June 2012 involved with WWFF as Directory Manager.

      • Manfred DF6EX (Log Manager)


      • Andrew M0YMA (Logsearch Administrator)

      Originally licenced as M6ADB in April 2010, becoming 2E0GFF in January 2014, and finally M0YMA in July 2014.

      I took over as GxFF coordinator from Charles M0OXO in July 2012 – and subsequently, following the relaunch of the program as WWFF developed the replacement Logsearch facility which went live in February 2013.

      Try as I might, I have failed to persuade my partner Helen to bite the radio bug, but have high hopes with my eldest daughter, Emily!

      It is VERY rare to hear me operating from my QTH-R… I am always either /M or /P.

      As well as being an active GxFF activator, I can also be heard activating for the Worked All Britain (WAB) awards program.

      Activity reports and other information can be found on my personal radio blog, M0YMA.UK

Outside of the Committee a lot of volunteers are doing their very best to make WWFF a wonderful program.

All country-coordinators, log managers and award managers

ON5SWA for managing the WWFF AGENDA


OK2APY for managing the WWFFMAP

I was born March 1973 in Brno, the Czechoslovak Republic, where I still live, but now it’s Czech republic.

First licenced 28.3.2013 as OK2APY. With Petr OK1APY we also have a family call OK4WFF for portable activities.
I am aslo reference manager for OKFF, OMFF and WCA – CCA and award manager for OMFF.
My other hobbies are geocaching and hiking


I am born 1960 in Osnabrück (Northwest-Germany) where I am still living. First licensed 1978 as DG2BE, one year later upgraded to shortwave license. Educated at the Bundeswehr (German Army) to a high speed telegraphist. Participated in the 1980’s and 1990’s in a lot of VHF and HF contests and DXpeditions.
After a 10 year break I returned 2008 to HAM Radio but mainly for portable activities like SOTA, (W)WFF and GMA.
I am working as a programmer, admin (IBM Power Maschines, ex AS/400) and network associate in an elevator company.
First HAM in the family was my grandfather Alfred, he was qrv as D4HOG in the 1930’s. My XYL Tina is licensed as DC1BF and daughter Kathrin as DL4BKF.


Contact Us

Please do not email WWFF for support issues! We have a 24/7 HelpDesk running at the WWFF FORUM. Please post your issues there in a new topic!

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